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I'm a professional voice over artist for audio books, image videos, product videos, voice mails and commercials. I can guarantee you a quick turn around time and a quality recording.
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"Guten Tag" and Hello,
Looking for an exceptional GERMAN voice? "Hier bin ich!" :)

My name is Torsten, for more than 20years I´m a professional German Voice Talent and Radio-Host.

I've recorded for brands like Amazon, Motorola, Incredible India Tourism, BECK´s, Cyberghost Software, RAID Shadow Legends (Game) to name just a few.

All voiceovers are recorded in my professional equipped studio.

My voice for your project:
-Explainer/ Whiteboard Videos
-Audio Guide
-Sales Video
-Audio Book

Feel free to listen to my showreel at my portfolio or on
Please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime. Kind regards and looking forward working with and hearing from you .
- Torsten -
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Get your voice recording all in one place - simple, inexpensive, fast :-) VOICE ACTOR Sure, in the first place I am your German voice actor. I interpret your text - but not just anyhow. ​In advance I synchronize with you very precisely. Because I want that everything sounds just as you like it in the end! COPYWRITER Writing a good text is no easy task. But even the best text is not always convenient to speak. ​With some experience though this is easily fixed. I support you with the Writing for Speaking, so that everybody understands everything just fine. STUDIO I am happy to take care of your complete recording - including cutdown and postproduction! ​All this happens in my home studio in Munich, or in any recording studio of your choice! NETWORK You would like to have more voices? Female voice actors, a different age or kids voices? And some music and special effects? ​For all these special cases I work with a whole bunch of partners. Just ask me! ... and now I am excited about your project!
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Almanya'da doğdum ancak Türkiye'de yaşıyor, mühendislik yapıyorum. Yaklaşık 3 senedir seslendirmeyle uğraşıyorum. Dublaj stüdyolarında da çalıştım, evden birçok uygulama ve reklam metni de seslendirdim. Hâlâ da devam etmekteyim: İngilizce, Almanca ve Türkçe dilleri için, kusursuz aksanlı çalışabilirim.
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Professional native german voice over, fast delivery, high quality!
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I am a native German female, living in Austria, speaking standard German Hochdeutsch and Austrian/German My voice is warm, versatile and very friendly. I am a classically-trained German actress and voice over artist with more than 20 years of VO experience, I am professional, reliable and listens to what you need. I work in my homestudie with professional acoustic booth, Microphone: Neumann TLM 103 Interface Saffire 6 Pro Tools 12 Source Connect I have voiced more than 90 audio books, hundreds of radio and television commercials, corporate narrations and training modules along with documentaries, promos, imaging, computer games and on hold messages. I have voices international and regional brands for a number of major clients in Austrian-German and standard German, including: Astor, Apple, Coca Cola,, DM, Pay Life, Pampers, MaxFactor, Opel, Peek &Cloppenburg, H&M, and American Express I have been seen and heard on ARD, ZDF, RTL, TELE5, VOX, SERVUS TV; etc German Television and ORF Austrian Television. Theatre credits include title roles Shakespeare Hamlet, Midsummer nighs dream, Musicals: Grease, Nonnsense, Buddy, the Buddy Holly Story, Cinderella.
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Educated actress and singer with several years of working-experience in the VO-field. Started 2010 to make it a full-time-job, voice for many different company IVRs: Samsung, Playstation, Nescafé Alegra. Voiced numerous E-Learning and Image Films: American Express, McCain etc. Also voiced a lot of Apps: children s games and audiobooks, Audiobooks for adults. Very easy to work with, quick, honest and reliable.
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Age 35. Performing for several years, Ive worked on corporate videos for companies such as Kingston, KEF, Mini, ThyssenKrupp, etc., for several mobile apps, eLearning programs, computer games and a few short movies. My studio consists of a professional soundbooth, which enables noise-free recording without any reverberation. Lip-sync voice acting is possible, if needed. Recordings will be edited correctly and mixed in a professional, subtle manner. Recording equipment: Sennheiser MK4 microphone, tube preamplifier, Scarlett interface. Recording fidelity is 96 kHz / 24 Bit, file format can be anything from mp3 to wav, aiff, or whatever else is needed (also uncommon formats). Based in Germany.
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Hey! I've loved using my voice since I was born. I've been a singer all my life, singing on stage with a band, and also led a local radio show for a few years. I am fully trilingual - Polish, German and UK English, all fluent with each of their native accents. I can do voiceovers in different styles - I am great at a very soft and calming voice, but can also provide very strong and almost "raspy" vocals. I can sound very authentically like a teenager, or a bit more mature as a young adult. I own professional recording equipment at home so can guarantee you wonderful quality.
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